24 April 2023
New Versions of MicroShield®, RadDecay® and MicroSkyshine® Released

Grove Software is pleased to announce the latest versions of our radiation software applications: MicroShield® Version 13, RadDecay® Version 6 and MicroSkyshine® Version 5.

MicroShield® Version 13 updates include:

  • Improved computational algorithms including the addition of updated National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) mass attenuation factors [Hubbell, J.H. and Seltzer, S.M. (2004)].
  • Enlargement of the Custom Material Library to include more than 30 new custom materials, bringing the library to over 100 materials.
  • Added functionality to set a fixed air gap for each dose point.
  • Inclusion of dose conversion factors from ICRP-21 as well as ANSI/ANS 6.1.1-1991 and 2020.
  • Full compatibility with the latest updates to Microsoft Windows® 10 and 11.

Both RadDecay® and MicroSkyshine® both include:

  • Full compatibility with the latest updates to Microsoft Windows® 10 and 11.
  • Various updates and fixes to the user interface and data libraries.

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