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An Individual Software License allows installation onto one machine only.

Individual licenses are available for all of the Grove Software radiation software products including MicroShield® Pro, MicroShield® LT, MicroShield® Pro V&V, MicroSkyshine®, and RadDecay®.


Grove Software Order Form (PDF)

Grove Software Order Form (DOC)



Site Licenses allow multiple installations within a geographic region.

Site licenses are now available for all of the Grove Software radiation software products, including MicroShield® Pro, MicroShield® Pro V&V, MicroSkyshine®, and RadDecay®.

Local License Management is now available for all site licenses. Administrators are now able to manage software licenses locally, including SCCM silent installations and un-installations.


Site License Order Form (PDF)



MicroShield® Pro, MicroShield® LT, MicroShield® Pro V&V, RadDecay®, and MicroSkyshine® are sold as subscription licenses and the software is leased for the term of one year (quotations for longer terms are available). After the term is over, you will need to re-subscribe to continue to utilize the software.

Subscription Licenses include access to support services and all new versionsof the software as they are released as long as the subscription is active. The minimum subscription term is one year and longer terms are available for discounted rates.


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