Grove Software also provides training for the MicroShield®, RadDecay®, and MicroSkyshine® software applications. We offer several types of training options, including public/open training sessions, private/company specific training as well as instructor led online/web-based training.

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MicroShield® Pro Expert Training Sessions

Grove Software now provides MicroShield® Pro Expert Certification. This certification will document your ability to perform advanced, sophisticated radiological analyses, dose calculations, shield sensitivities, as well as source selection and time dependent predictions using the MicroShield® software. This certificate will verify your mastery of the MicroShield® software including model development, material selection, source term entry, selection of buildup factors and interpreting dose rate results.

The current schedule for training includes:

Training Location Dates Status and Enrollment Form
MicroShield® Pro Expert Online (Instructor Based) April 27-29, 2021 Open - MicroShield®  Pro Expert Training Form - Online

MicroShield® Online Fundamentals Training (Instructor Based)

We offer MicroShield® Online Fundamentals training sessions periodically through the year. This three hour class provides the fundamentals of running a MicroShield® casefile, including model development, material selection, source term entry, and interpreting dose rate results.  Private classes are also available.

Training Date Status Enrollment Form
MicroShield® Online
December 8, 2020 OPEN MicroShield® Online Training Form

MicroShield® Fundamentals Training (One Day or Two Day Sessions)

We offer public or private, custom training sessions (either in-person or online) based on the needs of your users and background. One and two day training class options are available. The one day class will cover the fundamentals of radiation physics and the MicroShield® software including:

  1. Selecting the optimum geometry to conservatively perform the assessment.
  2. Selecting materials which provide a balance between as built conditions and data library relevance.
  3. How to input source terms in a variety of methods to conservatively model the radiation.
  4. Selecting the best build up material to provide.
  5. Performing dose assessment and shielding evaluations for exposures in air as well as absorbed doses and dose equivalents.

The two day class covers the fundamentals of fundamentals of radiation physics and the MicroShield® software and also includes detailed explanations of:

  1. Creating external sources, decaying sources, and importing sources using the External Source Tool.
  2. Creating and evaluating a custom material using the Custom Material Tool
  3. Discussion on perform source inference calculations using the Source Interference Tool
  4. Calculating the time dependent dose rate using the Exposure Rate Tool

More information on the one and two day MicroShield® training classes can be found here:

 MicroShield® Training Objectives – 1 day (PDF)

 MicroShield® Training Objectives – 2 days (PDF)

Recent Training

Recently performed training classes include:

Training Location Date Performed Status
MicroShield® Expert
Richland, WA
September 2020 Completed
MicroShield® Expert Richland, WA October 2019 Completed
MicroShield® Expert
Manchester, UK
September 2019 Completed
MicroShield® Argonne, IL April 2018 Completed
MicroShield® Rockville, Maryland September 2017 Completed
MicroShield® Manchester, UK June 2017 Completed
MicroShield® Bristol, UK June 2017 Completed
MicroShield® Bristol, UK May 2017 Completed