MicroShield® Pro Verification and Validation



Grove Software has a verification and validation (V&V) package available for the MicroShield® Pro software.

The overall purpose of the MicroShield® Pro V&V package is to furnish documentation and software as an aid to users in their internal software qualification or verification and validation.




The verification and validation package provides the following:

  1. The V&V test plans and results for user records.
  2. User may repeat the tests for comparison and further evidence.
  3. Traceability for the nuclear and material data used in the program.
  4. A means to exercise routines to verify that calculations are done properly.

Specifically, the MicroShield® Pro V&V package includes:

1 – The MicroShield® Pro Validation Report.  This report consolidates a myriad of information sources used over the years for development of MicroShield® Pro, many of which would be difficult to find by users.  Specific verification and validation sections are included.  The report also contains the V&V test plan and results and the user instructions for MicroShield® Pro V&V software application.  Historical test results are included in appendices for traceability and completeness.

2 – The MicroShield® Pro V&V Software.  A program that independently exercises various MicroShield® Pro processing routines and displays the data files that are provided.  This software provides evidence that the internal workings of the program are being done correctly and allows independent verification.

The MicroShield® Pro V&V Package must be purchased separately from MicroShield® Pro.  The MicroShield® Pro V&V package is now sold as individual licenses, Local Area Site Licenses, or Wide Area Site Licenses.


Download the MicroShield® Pro V&V Product Description here (PDF).