micro-skyshine2-thumb1MicroSkyshine® calculates the photon dose from sky scattered gamma ray radiation.

MicroSkyshine® has been used to evaluate conformance with 10CFR50, Appendix I ALARA requirements as well as 40CFR190 fuel cycle exposure criteria.

Typical application would be to determine scattering from BWR turbine buildings, radwaste storage facilities, and waste disposal sites.

MicroSkyshine’s® analytical method of solution is based on the use of “beam functions” for a point source. This method was developed for NUREG/CR-0781 (May 1979), which resulted from an NRC sponsored effort. However, MicroSkyshine® reflects the efforts of analysts at Kansas State University, who further improved the method.

 MicroSkyshine’s® Technical Features:

  • A variety of silo and wall geometries. MicroSkyshine® accepts dimensional data in meters, centimeters, feet, or inches.
  • The scattering medium is air, and the Berger method is used for calculating buildup in an overhead shield. Any one of seven materials can be selected for this purpose.
  • Library data for radionuclides, attenuation, and buildup are included.
  • Source decay can be calculated and daughters generated.
  • As many as twenty energy groups (with an energy range of 100 keV-10 MeV) may be created; total concentration entries are automatically converted to curies.
  • All calculations performed by MicroSkyshine® assume that the silo wall or vertical wall is a perfect shield; that is, radiation through the walls will not be calculated.

Geometries Included:

  • Point Source Behind A Wall
  • Horizontal Line Source Behind A Wall
  • Horizontal Rectangular Area Source Behind A Wall
  • Horizontal Circular Area Source Behind A Wall
  • Vertical Line Source Behind A Wall
  • Vertical Rectangular Area Source Behind A Wall
  • Vertical Circular Area  Source Behind A Wall
  • Rectangular Volume Source Behind A Wall
  • Vertical Cylindrical Volume Source Behind A Wall
  • Horizontal Cylindrical Source Behind A Wall
  • Point Source In A Rectangular Enclosure

MicroSkyshine® Enhanced Software Features:

  • Microsoft Windows® interface.
  • Fully interactive input processing and input error checking.
  • The main menu allows you to create, save, load, erase, and run many cases. You can change one data entry without having to pass through the entire input sequence.
  • Batch Processing – Multiple cases can be run in Batch mode
  • Sensivity Runs – Several parameters can be examines to determine the resulting dose rate.
  • Results can be saved in text, HTML, Microsoft Word®, and Microsoft Excel® formats.

MicroSkyshine® v5 New Features:
MicroSkyshine® v5 includes

  • Updated graphics for all geometries.
  • The installation process has been enhanced and is now compatible with Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager.
  • A Check for Update feature has been added to allow the user to check for the latest update.
  • Full Microsoft Windows® 10 compatibility.
  • Added compatibility for the latest versions of Microsoft® Excel and Word


  • Microsoft Windows® 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista®, or XP®
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® Version 7 and above
  • Microsoft® .Net Framework Version 1.1 or later
  • Microsoft Word® 2003 and Excel® 2003 or newer for saving results to these formats
Download the MicroSkyshine® Product Description here acrobaticon – requires getacrobat.