Version 11

MicroShield is a comprehensive photon/gamma ray shielding and dose assessment program that is widely used for:

  • Designing Shields
  • Estimating source strength from radiation measurements
  • Minimizing exposure to people
  • Teaching Shielding Principles

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MicroShield V&V®

Version 11

MicroShield Verification and Validation (V&V) is available to support the certification of the MicroShield software. The features include:

  • A MicroShield Validation Report which provides background information and test results
  • The MicroShield V&V application which provides traceability for the nuclear and material data
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Version 4

MicroSkyshine calculates the photon dose from sky scattered gamma radiation. The features include:

  • A variety of silo and wall geometries
  • Built-in library data (radionuclides, attenuation, and buildup)
  • Source decay can be calculated and daughters generated

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Version 5

RadDecay® displays radioactive decay information for radionuclides and source terms. Features include:

  • Standard Nuclide Library of 497 nuclides and three optional libraries (ICRP-107, ICRP-38 and MIRD)
  • Data displayed includes the halflives, radioactive daughter nuclides, probabilities per decay, & decay product energies

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