MicroShield® Version 11

MicroShield® Version 11

Grove Software is pleased to announce the latest version of the MicroShield® software:  MicroShield® Version 11.

MicroShield® Version 11 includes multi-shield buildup factor calculations as well as:

  • Inclusion of the Ambient Dose Equivalent and Directional Dose Equivalent factors from ICRP-74
  • Microsoft Windows® 10 compatibility as well as Windows 8/8.1, 7, Vista® and XP®
  • Improved buildup sensitivity features. A case can now be run using each shield as the buildup and summary table showing all results is provided in the main report.
  • Enhanced nuclide import functional – import now in units of Becquerels (Bq) or Curies (Ci)
  • Ability to change and specify individual shield colors

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